Resize entire document within Vecotornator ipad

Is it possible to enter a resize value for my entire document inside V? I’m working on vectorizing a raster poster image which V interpreted at 9600 pixels height (which was not accurate) and I spent several days working on before I noticed. But I want to knock it down to 7200 pixel height and can’t manually resize it because it’s extremely complex and difficult to handle with my ipad memory. And yes I know I can export at different resolutions but I want to know if I can resize the document while working inside of V. Thanks!

Hi there @zakcat,

Here’s a quick demo of how to resize your artboard from within Vectornator:

Hope this helps,

Thank you for the reply but I’m afraid this isn’t what I’m asking. I want to resize the bounding box dimensions for artwork itself not the artboard. Currently my art is 9600 units tall (is this inches in Vectornator?) and I want to change the value to a standard poster size and lock proportional scaling. Or perhaps it’s possible to make an artboard the right dimension and import the vector art to fit the artboard? Thanks.