Printing stickers 2.25in x 1.25in (barcodes)

I have setup some barcodes using Curve. Though when I go to print only a small option of the image is available to print. It appears that it is trying to print at paper size, and when I define the paper size in the print window to 2.25in x 1.25in into masks most of the image and does not print.

Hey @Moxie, to get a better grasp of what’s happening, could you share the .curve file you’re working with? Also, some screenshots of your print setup and the outcome you’re getting would be super helpful for further investigation. Thank you in advance!

Hi Nadya,
I have updated the curve file and the png file. (74.3 KB)
Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 8.10.01 AM
Thanks - Eoin

I am expecting this printout to look like this

@Nadya any ideas on a solution to fix these issues?


I figured it out, the paper size needs the printer defined in the custom printer size.