Design Your Own Stickers 🌞

You asked for it, so we made it! You can now use our new Offset Path feature when you update to 4.8.2.

This new tool is perfect for creating sticker designs. Perhaps you want to sell your illustrations as fun decals, or maybe you just want to stick them on your own stationery. You can use Offset Path to create evenly-spaced borders around your designs, so they look just like neat stickers that you can print on self-adhesive sheets.

Check out our latest video tutorial on how to draw sticker with Offset Path: How to Draw Stickers with Offset Path - YouTube


I saw yesterday the video. Really, really cool.

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Hello everyone, this tutorial inspired me and I design some Stickers for the fashion no-profit organization of which I am part. What do you think about? It’s a little test, I must adjust some things.
At moment I am also working on others stickers.
So thank you so much for the video.

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I added other stickers, but probably I will redesign some of them.

Hi everyone, I made a sticker pack for telegram. :star_struck:
Here you can install free the sticker pack.

Here you can install the WhatsApp sticker pack.


Wow they are so cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: