Preserve anchor/pivot and transformation values after transforming

when we transform (scale and rotate) an object or a group either using the selection tool directly or using ir with the rotate/scale mode, both the orientation and anchor/pivot values are reset to default values (canvas orientation)

this behaviour limits us as we no longer can adjust that transformation or come back later after doing some other work and retouch. my current work around is to make a number of copies before I transform and save them in a different layer in case I need to redo the work.

it would be awesome if Vectornator kept the object’s new transformation values (orientation, marquee position and anchor point or pivot) stored per object so we can adjust this object without any limitation. in simple words the object would inherit the new values and this would apply to the object or group that has ben transformed.

naturally if a group that has been transformed and consequently inherits the new values is ungrouped, it would be great if each object within the group keeps the values of the parent (new inherited values) so when the group is ungrouped each object or group inside it would inherit the parent’s transformations, so the each child can be oriented and transformed using the parents values (recursively)

in my opinion there is not much value in reseting the values to default, although I would understand that some users would like to ha the option to reset the transformation values to the canvas (world space rather than object space)

could this be implemented, please? and in the meantime, what is everyone doing to work around this limitation?