PDF Online in vectonator.io

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Hello, Vectornator Community. May you be safe & healthy.

:heavy_plus_sign: Can we add visual images in the discussion area for reference, visualise feedback or ideas for suggestions/or write doodles, and pre-set a unified image/thumbnail size upload to make page neat and easy to read and understand. Since user like me are more difficult to express, join the discussion topics that set up. The uploaded image will be Vectornator watermarked in this community forum.

:heavy_plus_sign: Add setting pdf online in vectornator.io page. This will help third parties who interact with us know that we are using your app. And simple provide pdf online simple setting set-up (no need so full-packed/complicated, but have a practical vectornator symptom+ can be less error-prone when crossing several platforms or communication platforms.) When we need to send it to the new people for preview/add text. So others can know we are using the free software services that you provided. Thank you very much.

:heavy_plus_sign: Screen shot moment. lol Beside the gallery, Screen shot moment always happen NOW. :slight_smile: Itโ€™s something unusual happen on the screen. Some big bugs flying in the vector garden. Or some lines actually this angles is so beautiful at these momentโ€ฆ etc.