Not responding to cmd+c & cmd+v


I’ve been getting this bug lately, that (possibly only when there are multiple art-boards) it doesn’t respond when trying to copy paste using the shortcut keys cmd+c and cmd+v.
and this is very frustrating when trying to copy from one art-board to another, and this slows down the work tremendously.
(I have found a workaround, like, pressing alt and draging the object over, but its very tedious to do that and drag over to the other art-board.)

If you can please fix this it would be awesome!

Thank you again for this amazing app, and its awesome customer support!

Hi @Shazak,

Thanks for reporting this bug. I just tried to reproduce it on my device but no luck, the cmd+c and cmd+v shortcuts work as expected when I’m using multiple artboards.
Did you by any chance notice that this happens when copying some specific objects (like groups, brush strokes, combined shapes, etc.)?
And you’re using Vectornator on your macOS device, right? Can you please provide us with more details about your device, OS version and Vectornator version?

We will be grateful for any information provided as it can speed up our investigation.
Thanks for your help.


Hi @Oksana ,

I have noticed that the bug was only when the layer behind the object was locked.

I’m using a MacBook Pro mid 2014 15", Big Sur version 11.6.3, Vectornator version 4.5.3.

Thank you for your help.

Adding to this, something weird seems to be going on (on iOS) when text in the UI has been recently modified (e.g layer title, icon search); occasionally keyboard shortcuts stop working.

I’ll open a new topic once I can reliably reproduce the issue.


Hey @Shazak,

Just want to clarify one moment. Do you by any chance have the layer in the new artboard locked? I’m asking this because in this case the Paste button won’t work, objects can only be pasted into an unlocked layer.

oh yes,
thank you @Oksana ,

I didn’t notice that, I realized that when selecting the art-board to which I want to past (and the one from which I want to copy from), it automatically goes to the back layer which is locked. and even when selecting the object in the front layer (unlocked) the app doesn’t automatically think that I’m in that layer, rather it still thinks that I’m in the back (locked) layer, and I have to manually select the object (or layer) from the layer selections.

as seen in the video attached

Yes, selecting an object on a different layer should activate the corresponding layer, but as we can see from the video you provided, this does not work properly. Thanks for reporting this issue, we will be working on solving it.
In the meantime, please manually select the layer where you want to paste the object to avoid this problem.