Not allowing to type lowercase: o,l, and r in the latest update


Unfortunately, I’m very aggravated that I can no longer type in the lowercase letters of O,R and L, in the latest update (that is 4.7.1) on the macOS (I’m running on macOS 11.6.5).
Instead it sends me to the shortcuts O=oval, L=line, R=rectangle, as if I were not to be typing in a text box.
and I need it to create a logo for a client of mine :frowning_face:

please fix this problem as soon as possible :pray:
or at least give me a workaround.

Thank you in advance.

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The only workaround I was able to find was to type whatever I need, into a different platform and then copy/pasting it into Vectonator.

I have the same problem, it is so annoying. I suggest you to past the text in the box with the l,r,o.

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Hi @Shazak,

So sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue. Thank you for bringing it to our attention - I’ve passed it onto our QA team for investigation and will update you when we have any developments!


@Shazak while we work on this issue, it would be extremely helpful if you could provide a screen recording next time this problem occurs for you. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, @Helen ,

Here’s a video of the issue I’m having

Thank you for your help


I am having the same issue and hoping to see a resolution

Hi @marisamaher,

Sorry to hear this - the team is currently investigating the issue and once we have any news we’ll update this thread!

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Hi, I just wanted to mention that this problem is also when renaming objects and layers in the layer tab.

Hi @Shazak, this is a known issue also that the team is working on. Please stay tuned!

I have the same problem, when entering text on a text box. Anytime I use the characters o r l during typing, the tool shortcuts for oval, rectangle, line activate these same commands/tools.

Hi there @hcuadra and welcome to the community Forum :wave:

As you can see, you’re not alone in experiencing this issue and I assure you that the team is currently investigating this.

I’ll reach out as soon as I have any news!


Not only I, O, R …
Since the last about 2 updates it’s quite impossible to write anything because the app recognizes the letters as Command’s shortcuts instead of normal letters.
Please fix this problem adding the possibilities to change the shortcuts or add the possibility to de-activate them.
At the moment the only solution for writing is to use another app where you can write the text and then “cut and paste” in Vectornator.

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With a Mac no fancy app is required, just cut and paste from TextEdit, Terminal or even any application test box including the URL text box on a web browser.

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I know it and it’s the reason of the bad feed.
This feature makes the app not much user friendly, because you must use another source (app webpage or text edit) and then copy into the app, while before you were able to type directly in the app …

Hi folks,

The team has been hard at work and are delighted to announce that this issue has been resolved in the latest app version 4.8.3 :tada:

I highly recommend that you download this new update and check out the various improvements that have been introduced.