Importing Figma shows no layers from the file

I have a project that I worked in Figma and in the previous versions it worked flawlessly. But just when I updated the app to version 4.4, Figma importing “stops working” (not in a way that it got a popup error, but rather no layers are imported) despite retrying it many times.

I use iPhone 7 with iOS 15.0.2.

Side note: I do believe that the reason that stopped working is due to compatibility issues that version 4.4 introduced.

Hey @harole,
Thanks for reporting this issue.
Have already passed all the info to our QA team.
Once I have any news about the fix, I will notify you.

Thanks for being with us!



Hi @harole

We invite you to update the app, as the issue you described has been fixed. Please let us know if you need any other help.

Warmest regards,