Figma import from iOS

Since Figma website update it is impossible to import Figma file from iPhone. Can you fix this, or unable to import Figma (.fig) directly from Files app?


Hi @crratOG thank you for reporting this. However, I was not able to reproduce this on my end. Would you be able to share any diagnostics log or the affected file if possible so we can take a deeper look?

You dont have iOs device and Figma account? :sweat_smile: Just try to import any Figma file from your iPhone

Hey @crratOG , сustomer support is on deck :wave: I’ve tested the behavior you mentioned, and it seems there’s an issue indeed. Figma seems to have restricted navigation on iOS, causing this problem. I’ve already brought up this issue with our development team so that they can consider it for future improvements.

Thanks for highlighting this issue!