Imitating bones vs. drawing order

I am not so experienced in animating yet, but I have my hierarchy of shapes and need to animate the top-most layer in the same way as the bottom-most… in some cases they even can not share the same parent group.

I would prefer to group the dependent shapes, but then the drawing order is destroyed… I try to mimic a bone tool with the groups. I know from other animation tools like Spine that you are able to adjust grouping and drawing order independently.

A other solution could be some kind of binding between these two shapes, so when you update A then B will be automatically updated. but this sounds like a terrible UX I think.

Thanks, this is super valuable. I’ve had the same problem when I tried to do character animation: it felt like you want to control “bones” (that is grouping) separately from the rendering order, and they did conflict. My current feeling is that binding might be the solution, but we’ll see once we come closer to tackling character animation.

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