How to make Sky Writing Font

I am extremely new to this program. Has anyone created a font that looks like an airplane is writing it in the air? If so, how did you do it?

Hey @jcscasllc welcome aboard! :slight_smile: I’ll ask the team in the meantime and see if we can offer you a solution. Great suggestion!

Hello jcscasllc, can you please provide any examples of what exactly you want to achieve at the end? Something like that? Thanks

The like bottom one is what I am looking for.

This is something that requires some time to produce, but Curve can be used for that.
Few steps how to achieve it:

  1. Use Google or any other search engine to find a photo of a propeller plane with a clear sky background and a nice angle.
  2. Upload the photo to Curve and apply Auto Trace, or just Remove Background
  3. Type the text and change its font so it looks like a handwriting
  4. Combine the font with the plane by drawing a curved line by using Pen Tool