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Hi, I’m completely new to using vectors and Linearity Curve.
After doing a few of the tutorials on the website I haven’t been able to figure out if Curve can convert images (.eps or .jpg files) into editable text.
I have found a font on Freepik (Free Vector | Full color handwriting paint brush lettering latin alphabet letters.) I want to use for a YouTube video title, so I’d like to adjust the text in Curve. Is it possible?

Hey @vincentzaalberg , thank you for your interest in using Linearity Curve for your project.

Currently, Linearity Curve does not support EPS files directly. However, you can work with raster images like JPEGs.

You can try uploading your raster image (in .jpeg format), use Linearity Curve Background Removal feature to automatically detect and separate the foreground of an image from the background with one click.

After that you can use the Auto Trace to convert your raster image into a vector format, allowing for more flexible manipulation. Remember, while this process allows some customization level, it may not be straightforward, the results will depend on the complexity and clarity of the original image.

I suggest trying to work with custom fonts that you can convert to shapes and apply editing like on any other vector path.

There’re some other tutorials that you can check for more information:

*How to customize fonts in Linearity Curve
*How to design a font

Feel free to ask any additional details!

Hi Nadya,

Thanks for your suggestions.
I’ve also read and watched the tutorials you suggested.

I have managed to do the auto tracing.
The Sketch setting seems to give me the best result with this .jpg.

What I don’t understand as a beginner is how to go from this stage to replacing the text with my own title. The How to design a font video doesn’t really show this step. Ideally I would be able to convert this auto traced alphabet into a font with which I can type either in Curve or possibly even another application.

How would you go about that in Curve?

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Bumping this question.

There’s no particularly easy way to use custom paths as text. You’d need to create a custom font (look at FontForge for that), and import it as a system font. That said, the app doesn’t really work with colour fonts properly last time I tried.

You should be able to get away with masking & grouping all the characters then positioning them manually.

In your case, for the font you found on Freepik, it’s not vector anyway, just an image inside an EPS file.

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Blockquote You should be able to get away with masking & grouping all the characters then positioning them manually

Thanks. Okay great, that makes sense to me. Just copy and order the letters with the mouse.
Is there are tutorial on how I would do the masking & grouping in Curve?

Freepik sells these as pictures in which you could replace the text as a font btw. I even checked with their support. I guess that just is not the case than at least not retyping words like with a font… pity.

Yes, that doesn’t seem to be the case. I opened it up in Sketch (Curve doesn’t support EPS), and it’s (rather perplexingly) just two images.

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Weird. This guide (see link bellow) is how Freepik says it should work. I’m a total noob so I have tried to follow but have no clue what I’m doing. I very much appreciate your effort llui85. This guide isn’t any good either?

Hi @vincentzaalberg I agree with @llui85 (thank you for pointing that out :pray:). In this specific scenario, manually positioning the characters is the way to go. Simply retyping the text won’t work as easily in Linearity Curve in this case.

Now that the text is converted to objects, you have more flexibility. You can group, align, and place them manually to achieve the desired text layout. Since your image is vectorized, you can edit and transform paths as needed.

To get started, you might find this tutorial helpful (even though it deals with different types of objects, it can give you an idea of how to group, align, copy objects, and more). Feel free to give it a try!

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