How to create a shadow background?

I’m looking to create a background behind some text. I don’t want it to be a drop shadow, rather like a base surrounding the whole text. Is this possible?

Thanks all :slight_smile:

Hi there @wizardbynight,

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Would you mind sharing an image of roughly what you’re trying to achieve so that I can get a better understanding?


Say if I have some text, or even an .svg file imported, I’d like the be able to create a shadow layer around it. This is so I can export and use to 3D print

Hi @Helen, in the short video I show you how you can do this. I hope it can useful for you.


Thanks for the video but no real idea how you did any of this. The text miraculously duplicated? Also I’m trying to do it with an SVG file so can’t really figure out at what point I need to jump in on that video

Okay so I think I worked it out. You used the duplicate tool to make an identical layer, then applied a stroke fill on the new layer, then used alignment tools to centre it behind the original layer

Hi @wizardbynight, the version introduced the outline feature. You can use also it. It’s more easy to use it.

Yeah I just noticed they added Offsets now! Epic