Eyedropper bug chooses wrong colour

For the last release or so of the iPad app there is a bug where the eyedropped colour doesn’t match that being eyedropped. As in one shape on the artboard will have a certain fill of red say, choosing another shape and eyedropping fill on previous shape results in incorrect shade.

This MAY be due to using CYMK preview(?) in which case the app should surely parse that info to keep it correct.

You can see in this video the yellow chosen with CMYK Preview on is a different value.

When CMYK Preview is on the eyedropper does not choose the actual colour of something on the canvas but a CMYK version - surely this isn’t the intended way this should operate? If I want to (like in this example) draw another shape the same colour as one on the canvas I should be able to eyedropper it.

Thanks so much for providing the screen recording @liambrazier, it’s extremely helpful!

The team are currently looking into this matter and we’ll update you on any developments :slight_smile:


Hi @liambrazier thank you for pointing it out the issue. Our team looked into it and was able to identify the problem. We will be fixing the issue in the next weeks. I will let you know once the issue is fixed.

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