Deleting from laptop OS Mac

I can find vectonator on laptop but not the animation version where is this likely to be please thank you in advance Regards Rob

Hi @Rob

Your message is a little unclear - I’m assuming you mean that you want to uninstall Vectornator/Curve? Apologies if that’s not what you meant.

If you’re trying to locate Vectornator on your device to uninstall it, a few months ago it was renamed to “Curve”. If you’re wanting to uninstall Curve, you may also wish to follow these steps by @Nadya in order to remove all cloud data and prevent future AI processing of your data. The “animation version” is called “Move” (codename “Silver”) and is a separate download from the app store.

Both of these apps should be able to be uninstalled by long-pressing the app in Launchpad and clicking the “X” icon, once you’ve removed your cloud data. If that isn’t working, you can drag the corresponding bundles in the /Applications folder to the Trash, although you’ll need to manually clean up all the storage files in ~/Library if you do that.

Yes that is correct I wish to “uninstall Vectornator/Curve” the folder Vectornator I have deleted. The animation one has a different name what is the name so I can track it down in the application folder on Mac thank you Regards Rob

Hey @Rob , our animation application name is Linearity Move.