CYMK color intergration

Disclaimer: I’m writing from my perspective. There may have their own issues.

I work mainly in print media and that means CMYK all the way. BUT I love using vector actor on my iPad for all the vector work I need and then put it together in illustrator. The thing is, that vectornator outputs in cmyk BUT I can’t control what it outputs. When I want a line to only be 100% K and some others to be 1/1/1/100 (to bypass print shops automatic overprint) I have to go into the file in illustrator and manually recolor all the artwork for a proper output.

This really adds additional steps to the process that would be much more easier if I could start a artboard with cmyk from the get go.

Thanks for all your hard work so far vectornator crew.

Hi there @Snow,

I understand your request to tailor your own CMYK hues but while we await the community’s vote on the topic, I wanted to let you know that Vectornator does offer a CMYK preview option:

:computer: macOS: open file → select View in upper toolbar → CMYK preview
:iphone: iOS: open file → select Settings → CMYK preview

I hope this helps in the meantime!



Thank you for your answer.

I was aware of the preview action, but unfortunately it doesn’t help.

I just wish that when I’d set a colour 100% K it would export as 100% k not as a colour that is a 4 colour black and sometimes has a total area coverage of 360%.

This is just horrible for printing jobs (the smearing that occurs with that amount of ink and also the print quality) and even more excruciating to fix in Illustrator.