Customizable Toolbar Order

This is a continuation of my Tools feature below:

So after creating a Tools category and placing “customize tools” inside the Tools category, I now need the vectornator development team to make each tool “moveable” through customization. I need each tool to be moveable so that users can customize their toolbar.

Why am I requesting this feature? “Customizable toolbar” was a BIG, BIG feature request over at Affinity Designer for iPad. Many users requested it but the Affinity team never implemented it into their app. It was so disappointing because users requested this feature 5 yrs ago and to this day it is not available in the affinity designer app. Now is the time for Vectornator to give users a customizable toolbar. Its a simple feature request that should not take 5 yrs.

So here’s what I need the vectornator development team to do. Take the “hamburger” icon thats at the end of the hand and zoom tool and add that icon to each tool so that each tool can now be moveable. Its simple. Its so simple. So simple that it shouldn’t take 5 yrs to do.

Why is this feature needed? There are some tools that are more important than other tools. I personally would like to have my most important and used tools at the top of my toolbar than at the bottom. For example. I personally don’t use the scissors tool. I do use the shape tool so I would like to move the scissors tool to the bottom and move my shape tool below my move tool because they correlate to each other. Let users customize the order of their tools through Tool Customization.