Copy (CMD-C) of a numerical box should have the full precision.

So, I have a file denominated in “inches”. I put it in scare quotes because the actual scaling might be (for a map say) is 100 miles (per inch). (Excuse these horrible units, honest I’m an SI sort of guy). This is not completely arbitrary as I generally print to a field of say 8.5x11 inches. So, in the display all values (position, height, width, degrees) all round to a hundredth of an inch. Mind you, if I ENTER a value with higher precision, it seems to accept it and use it for the actual object property, though again the value displayed in the box is rounded to the nearest hundredth. Why would I ever care about such things? Well sometimes my objects are placed to high precision because I plan on picking them up, and moving them to another, higher scale, map by multiplying appropriately. Anyway, once I enter that high precision value there is no way I can “See” what it is, and more importantly, I can not copy it and use it for another object with that full precision. CMD-C only gives me the rounded value. THIS SHOULD BE A SIMPLE CHANGE. You can go ahead and round when I CMD-V paste the value, FOR DISPLAY, as long as I maintain the precision that it had on one object to another.

I encountered the same problem when trying to make a seamless pattern. I copy an object from the top edge and move the y coordinates by adding to position. But since the display only shows up to one hundredth precision, that is the value I have to work with to add. So when I try to line up the seamless pattern, the objects are not lined up perfectly.