Bug Start and End Lines

Hi, @Helen. I want report a little bug, I can’t see which symbol of the line I want select.
Vectornator Version 4.11.5 (20221205163605)
Mac OS Big Sur 11.6.1

Hi there @Lorenzo,

Could you please confirm if this issue persists in version 4.12.0?


Hi @Helen, how are you?
Unfortunately the bug persist, anyway I appreciated the new features.
I wish you a nice weekend.

Hi lorenzo,

Did that problem persist, even if you create a completely new file with 4.12.0?

Hi @alexander and nice to meet you. I just do it but the bug persist. :frowning:

That’s interesting… I actually can’t reproduce that bug on my side.
Anyway, we will let developers know about that. Thank you for the report!

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