'blend vertically' not working - causes app to crash alongside other linear gradient fill issues [MAC]

The majority of the time, the linear gradient fill function does not allow me to click on the blend direction options, i.e. ‘Blend Horizontally,’ ‘Blend Vertically’ and ‘Blend Back to Front.’ This is very inconvenient as I would like to change the direction of the blend and therefore have to jump through several hoops to achieve the same effect within vectornator.

On the odd occasions when these ‘Color Blending’ options are available (not greyed out), clicking ‘Blend Vertically’ immediately causes the app to crash and does not change the gradient direction to vertical upon reopening. This made me lose several hours’ worth of work (partly my fault for not saving frequently enough) which I was only able to somewhat restore by going through my macbook’s clipboard history.

Please could team vectornator address these issues in the next bug fix release. Thanks in advance!

Hey there @dative,

Apologies for the problems that you have encountered and the hindrance to your workflow! I’d be happy to process this report but will have to gather some additional details first:

Would you mind providing a screen recording of the process of selecting objects and attempting to apply various blends from your perspective? This would greatly help us understand the steps in the issue.

It would also be extremely helpful if you could please forward your device details, OS and Vectornator versions as well as any relevant crash report .ips files generated as a result of this blending function.

Looking forward to hearing from you,