An SVG app that does not export to SVG...

02 You’ll be able to export your work only in JPEG, PNG, TIFF

For those that paid full price for Vectornator and don’t have $120 a year to burn on Linearty Curve…I am with you.

I am literally shaking my head in shame at the way this has been played out…

I’m right here with you.

I’m sitting here in my classroom trying to figure out how to survive this with over 100+ student’s year of work locked behind a paywall. We can’t laser cut or archive their work in PDF/SVG. CNC/Laser cutting won’t’ work with JPEG lossless formats.

Agreed. Any suggestion for better, free software? Please let me know!

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I don’t spend much time on here anymore since Linearity’s Cloud changes; I have since migrated mostly to other software and have found workarounds that don’t require use of Linearity Cloud systems.

I just want to say that this really doesn’t seem like the right thing to do. I do understand Linearity’s need to make money. I write software too. I want to make a living from my software. I desperately want you to be able to make a living from your software as well. It genuinely is (was?) very good quality software. That is why I used it, and enjoyed using it for the ~4 years that I used it.

But this is not how you establish a rapport with your users. A school I work with used to use Vectornator, now they’ve moved to Illustrator, which was already licensed. The experience @PenAppTeacher describes has happened in multiple places that I know personally. Fortunately, they were able to migrate relatively easily (as far as I know).

Incrementally locking a user out of their work over the course of 7 months is not OK, no matter what the original intentions were 7 months ago. Because let’s face it, that’s what the situation appears to be now, regardless of how the company tries to justify it.

I really hope you’ll reconsider these actions.

Hey, just want to chime in and mention that we have a special offering for edu institutions - email us at and we’re happy to work something out. @llui85 Sad to hear that the school you work with decided to switch as I personally believe there is a lot of value in the ease of use that Linearity Curve and Move offer when compared to other products. If they ever consider coming back - we’ll be here for them.


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Do you think you are better then Procreate? Their ipad and iphone both versions are cheaper then you yearly subscription and Procreate is onetime purchase. It’s like 60% of your one year subscription I can buy procreate for lifetime. Shame on you. You money craving garbage company.

Now you restricted export to 1024px for free version??