I feel sooooo let down by you guys

My SVG app will not export to SVG, just low res image…

As someone who was “tricked” into migrating 100+ files from iCloud to Linerary Cloud only then to spend days exporting MY designs in order to create new files, my fully paid for SVG app will not longer export to SVG.

I can only assume that Vectornator sold their soles to Private Equity in order to understand why you would go in these directions. You initially sold a relatively expensive app at full price and have successively made it completely unusable to those that initially supported your journey.

To remove SVG export you have killed it dead. Disgraceful to do it in this way and not be upfront with users that could have chosen to move away well before now without all the extra work. Fortunately, I did export all my critical files from this platform before you prevented even that, albeit it literally took me days to do so.

I love the product but hate the way in which you have treated your customers and early adopters.


That’s the worse part. They took all our files knowing they’d eventually lock all their early supports out of their years of work, then locked them behind ransomware.

These appear to be BS and merely marketing/PR. Their MO is not in line with their mission statement.

Hey @Getselim, I responded to your message on another thread. If you could email us that would be much appreciated!