6/2/22 "eye" on/off triggers other layer to open

I love Vectornator, especially how much smaller the right layer bar is & how more obvious the current layer is colored, but everytime I click on the “eye” (to hide or see a layer), it triggers the opening of the highest or newest layer to open all its details. If not careful, you might hit an eye on that layer, so you must carefully check each time b;c I’m so used to being able to go down the list turning the “eye” on or off w/o other layers opening up & losing my place.

Hi there @123almaanderson,

Welcome to the Community Forum! I’d be happy to look into this issue for you.

I had a go reproducing this myself but was unable to so would you mind providing a screen recording of the incident next time it occurs?

It would also be very helpful to know your device information, OS/Vectornator version etc.


please give me an email to send a short screen-capture video to. I don’t want to post it on a public forum.
2 other bugs:
-When adjusting the degree of tilt, it resets the shape that has been tilted to 0 degrees, so you lose track of actual tilt & must Undo to re-tilt it so you know the degree difference from original object tilt.
-Also, the smooth feature on line draw has percent written wrongly. Ex: You must type “.85” next to the “%” for “85%”, but mathematically that is wrong. “85%” equals “.85” without the % next to a decimal-#, unless you actually mean “0.85%” which equals 0.0085. If you type “85” (meaning for the correct “85%”) or any # above 1 (for 100%), you get the smoothing factor of 100%.

P.S. Overall, I’m noticing that the layers are a bit screwed up. They open the list of layers by detail when you don’t want that, unlike before, where you saw the general list of layers w/o opening all the little details unless you purposely wanted them open. I have a lot of details in my work, so I’m urrently drowning in the layer details, so i must ontinually scroll to the top to “close” he details every single time. It;s a real time-suck when before it worked great, but took up too much soace.

Also, can I suggest the “eye” be non-gray so we can see if we have a slash over the eye (hiding it)? Right now, in gray, it’s somhard to see if the eye is on or off as it is smaller than before, too. Otherwise, I think the right menu could be even smaller tomoeave more room for the art work.

Hi @123almaanderson,

You can reach out to the team directly via support@vectornator.io

While you forward the recording of the eye on/off toggle issue, would you mind also providing a recording demonstrating the tilting problem you’re experiencing?

Regarding the inaccuracies of the Smoothing Feature, this is a known bug that we are currently investigating. As soon as there are any developments I will be sure to update you.

Finally with respect to the new Layers and proposed changes for the way the Eye is visualised, we appreciate your feedback and it will be passed on to the relevant team for consideration.

In the meantime, to minimise Inspector size, I recommend tapping on an icon once you are finished working within it, such as the Arrange tab or Layers tab, which will trigger the menu to fold back up to a more manageable size. I would also recommend making sure that Magic Canvas is switched on within your preferences as this will cause the Vectornator Interface to move out of your way while drawing or moving objects - freeing up some more canvas space.