Time tracking on iPadOS

I would really appreciate to have a tracker system on iPadOS, so there would be information on how much time I have spent on a project. Even as an amateur, I find this very relevant and interesting, but for professionals I guess it wold be quite essential.

Not bad like idea, not bad :thinking:

Hi @Oksana and @Vivien Is there any chance that you consider new features like this even if they aren’t upvoted?
I am personally finding this function more and more relevant.

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Hi @IBDJ, we monitor all feature requests no matter how many votes they have. Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee when or if we will implement them in the app. However, I will discuss your idea with our product team again and of course, keep you in the loop about any updates :slight_smile:


Obviously, you can’t do it all, but I am so happy to hear that you will consider it. Thank you :pray:t4: