The Easter Egg Hunt Begins! 🐣

Hey, there!

As announced yesterday, our Easter Special is about to begin. :star_struck: :hatched_chick:

We have hidden 6 Easter eggs all over our Learning Hub for your to search for and find. You need to hunt on our Learning Hub and once you find an egg, click on it for a special treat! :orange_heart:
Our Easter poem will give you all the necessary hints on where to search for the eggs.

Click here to get to our Learning Hub. Have fun! :hatching_chick:

Easter is around the corner
And Spring is in the air
And everywhere you look you’ll find
Surprises hidden there

The Easter Egg Hunt is in full swing!
If you’re excited, join the club
You’ll find them hidden very well
Around our Learning Hub

Your first egg can be found
Buried in what’s new
Beneath the tool that you’d use
When you want a different hue

The second egg you’ll need
Is near a freeform tool
Use it wisely, you’ll need it when
You go to painting school

You’ll find the third egg hiding
Where colors hang around
Make sure you’re looking on a Mac
Where gradients are found

The fourth egg isn’t hard to find
At least, we didn’t think so
Just look by color palettes again
You’ll find it just below

You’ll need to look where tools are kept
For easter egg number five
If you need to customize a brush
Look on Mac, that’s where you’ll thrive

The final egg might be tough
You’ll need to seek out some tips
Consult the book with all the words
And find the gradients

That’s it! You’re done!
You found them all!
Thanks for joining us on our hunt
We hope you’ll enjoy your haul

By this time it’s clear to see
You’re a skilled investigator
Very good at decoding riddles
And an awesome Vectornator!