The Artist Masks 🎭

Hi guys,
I was pleased to show you a little project I worked on these days. A few weeks ago I met a young boy who sings. In his musical videoclips he wears masks. So I proposed him to transform his masks into drawings. This is the final result.

One of his mask

My work

What do you think about it? I am not an illustrator and I don’t have a lot of experience on this branch. Do you have any advices?

It’s kind of impossible to comment without knowing the kind of music , performance or any message or theme to the songs and performance .In stage craft a costume tells us about the character or the costume could be 180 degrees opposite the character if it’s a satire for example. If you know the message/theme that would a place to start researching imagery (do a google search?) to get ideas for painting the mask. It looks a fun project!