Template won’t download. The wheel just keeps spinning.

I wanted to import a calendar template pdf into Vectornator but it never opens. There is a named document on the gallery page. The little wheel on the gallery page just continues to spin. I have tried deleting the page from the gallery without success. Thank you for any help you can suggest.

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Hi @Lori could you share the pdf? I can try open it.

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Hi @Lori,

Sorry to hear about the issue you have to deal with. We would like to help but we’ll need this file for testing purposes.
Please feel free to attach this pdf here.
Or you can write us an email to support@vectornator.io mentioning Lori Forum in the subject field and provide us with this file. More info about your device, OS version and app version might also be helpful.

Stay in touch.

Thank you for your reply. I finally figured out what I had to do. I had it in pages and deleted it from there and that removed it from my Vectornator gallery.

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Hello and thank you for your reply. I had it in pages and once I deleted it from there it removed it from Vectornator.

@Lori I am sorry for you.