Stroke alignment options.

Would like to see stroke alignment options, as in align the applied stroke on the center, left or right of the path.

Hi @DHM and welcome to Vectornator Forum, can you explain better your idea please? Thank you so much.

The ability to align your stroke center, inside or outside of a vector line or closed path.

Voted on this. I’m honestly not sure why this doesn’t have more votes, but this is an absolutely necessary feature. So much so, in fact, that I won’t be using this app until it’s added. I just downloaded the app and was surprised that something so basic wasn’t already an option.

In case the request is still unclear, most other vector apps allow you to select a stroke alignment for a closed path/shape: outside, inside, or center. This allows you to have the stroke placed ONLY on the outside or inside of a shape, so that the size of the shape either grows outward or stays the same by having the stroke stay inside the shape. Currently this app only allows for center alignment, which is bothersome when trying to be very precise with the size and alignment of shapes.

This is a basic feature in Illustrator that many designers/vector artists use every day, including myself. Please fix this.