Manually Editing the Line Weight/Size of Nodes on a Path

(The program used above is Clip Studio Paint.)

In some programs, you can make a curve wider on nodes with just a drag. This is helpful for many things, like if the pressure sensitivity of your pen/tablet is messing up.

I’d love if this was implemented, since I personally try to make lines sometimes and I don’t get it right many times in a row. I’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem!

Hi @FredlyFatchet and welcome!

Vectornator has variable width strokes, but at any point, not dependent on the node positions, which is a more flexible approach.

Select your shape, and in the Stroke settings use Brush (not Regular) and you can then edit the shape and width of your strokes.

Well, I’m familiar with the shapes of the brushes, as well as changing the width of the line. I should have been more specific, sorry.

My request specifically deals with changing each node, because sometimes using pressure sensitivity is less than ideal — namely, when you’re having to redraw the line manually if there is a slight mistake. The brush tool shapes are incredibly helpful, don’t get me wrong! I just personally like my lines to look different. It’d be a nice option, is all I’m saying.