Made a new logo for myself in scalable graphic.

I made a new logo for myself the other day. Any tips how I can improve it?

hi @MrSolenoid and welcome to Vectornator Forum, can you give us more information about the logo?

For example: what do you use it for? how was the previous logo? what is the logo for? do you talk about electricity?

Hi Lorenzo. Thanks for the reply to my first post.
I came up with this new username only a few weeks ago and I’ve been testing out different apps to design the new logo in a vector format. This is so I can user it for larger prints, like posters and such.
I’ve made a few iterations of the logo so I can use it as desktop wallpapers on my pcs, macs, phone and iPad Pro. The previous logo was in a similar style, but it was much more detailed. Now I wanted a simpler logo so I can down the line maybe make embroidered logos.

It’s actually not about electricity. It does have a deeper meaning. I was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder and I wanted a logo that reflects my condition, but without actually telling people what it means. Kinda to leave people speculating and wondering what the logo means.

So far I’ve used it as profile pictures, header graphics for different social media platforms. And soon as logo for my new website that I’m working on. So the north and south part of the logo represents the ups and downs of my condition. And the electro magnet parts represents when I’m up, I attract people and I’m very social. And when the magnet is turned around to the south side, it repels people when I’m feeling down. As I said, it does have very deep meanings. And I’m very OK with talking about my condition. Hope it’s ok that I posted my logo here. Maybe it’ll be an inspiration for others and give other designers ideas for their own designs.

Hi @MrSolenoid, it’s a logo for a personal brand.
The fact that you talk about it calmly is a positive thing. About logo if I’m honest I don’t like it much but I appreciate the concept.
According to me the problem of your logo is the text on the background, it would be much better if the text and the ellipses were all one.

Thanks for the feesback. Im not completely sure what you mean about the text being one thing. Could you show me an example?

Of course. I spent 5 minute on this example, so it’s not a high-level work.

In the first case the text is applied on a background with hearts but I can use anyone background with hearts and I can obtain the same result: the logo is on a disconnected background. In the second case I customized the “v” letter to make the logo unique. The is a heart. You applied a “random” background behind the written. You can redesign the logo staying on the same concept (the electro magnet parts).
I hope it can be of help to you.

P.s. Take a look at this guide.

Thanks for your input. About disconnecting the text from the background, ive dove that by blurring the background and highlighting the text with upper and lower lines.

And the background isn’t random at all. It has a meaning as I described, and I designed the background as I intended, might seem random for someone who doesn’t know the meaning. But that’s kinda the point. I don’t want to tell everyone too much. Know what I mean? But i do see your point about highlighting the background, i could have added a heavier stroke surrounding the text. I did try that but didn’t like it as much as highlighting with upper and lower lines :+1:t2:

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