Length of a path

I’m looking to do stitch planning and pattern design and I would like to be able to measure the length of a path. This is useful for when my pattern has multiple paths that will need to be the exact length but different shapes, for example sewing a collar onto a shirt.

Is there a way to get the path information to show in units (e.g., milimeters)?

Thanks! Tony

Hi there @turbo,

I recommend switching on Dimensions as this will display the height and width of a selected element in your chosen unit of measurement.

On iOS: Tap ‘…’ next to the help button → Dimensions → On
On macOS: Select View in the upper toolbar → Show Dimensions → On

Hope this helps!

Thanks Helen!

This will show me the height and width- which is useful for a lot of what I do, but is there anyway to see path length? I can imagine some workarounds for my workflow but wanted to confirm before I invested energy doing something different.


If you open the SVG in a text editor, you can grab the path data and using a tool such as this you can get its length.

Thanks Adion! That is helpful. Tony