Is the amount of times you can vote limited in Ideas & Feedback?

Is the amount of times you can vote limited in Ideas & Feedback? If not how do you get more votes?
It says I have zero votes left… shouldn’t the amount be unlimited to improve feedback potential and spur the development of new ideas and enhancements for Vectornator?

Yes, we’re capped at 5 votes each. This is presumably to make sure that suggestions are suitably prioritised - the votes have more “value” then. An additional 5/10 votes would be welcome too!

It would be great if there was some sort of commitment for implementation though, e.g if every quarter the team implements the top feature requested on the forum.

Also, if anyone from the team is reading this, could we have a " Meta " category for these types of posts?

Hi together,

thanks a lot for your feedback. We re-evaluated the capped voting system and came to the conclusion that you shouldn’t be limited in votes. So, please share as many votes, ideas, feedback as you like here on the forum.
Additionally, we will discuss the development of a more frequent report about the feature requests and their implementation roadmap.

Hey @llui85, what do you mean by these types of posts? I would love to understand what meta categories could be helpful for you.