I want paper textured artboard and a crayon brush.

I like this app very much.
I would like to add some features. It would be nice to add a paper textured artboard and a crayon brush. Then it seems to be a more advanced app. We look forward to your email reply.

Hi there @ju_yeong and welcome to the Community Forum :wave:

Regarding adding a paper textured artboard, here is a little workaround you can try to add this background (or any other texture) to your artboard.

The Brush Tool is also highly editable and may be able to help you achieve your desired result - check out this article to learn more about the Brush Tool’s capabilities.

I see you have added a post requesting a dedicated textured artboard feature as well as crayon brush to our Ideas & Feedback forum - that’s perfect! There the community can vote on your proposal and we can gauge its demand.

Hope this helps,

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