Handle for scale text

Add ability to scale text directly

Hello! Welcome to our community :wave: , I don’t really understand what you are asking for, If you could please have a bit more context with your suggestions to hep keep our community nice and tidy. Then we would understand what you are asking to add and we can then think about it. Thankyou!

right now we just can scale text from sidebar preference. i think it is nice if we can scale text with handle point like other software (AI and affinity). handle point is like handle for ratating.

not just scaling the text, we need shortcut too for increse and decresing kerning, tracking, and other setting related to text. In illustrator, we have shortcut for settings a kerning with “alt+arrow”


I see. This is quite a good idea and although I dont use text in my drawings, other people will benefit from this.


Kerning minimum limit is -15, which makes me hard to let lettes closer… ;(
because of using Chinese character fonts, hopefully the range of kerning would be wider… I remember I could set less than -15 before updating… like -30 or less
please help my fonts get closer and they would be very happy together:)))))