Gradient issue - creat gradient from saved colours

Hi, I have a problem with making a gradient from saved colours…
When I add a colour from (saved colours) in gradient . It turns to solid… :grimacing:

Hey @n4bi,

May I ask you to provide us with another video with enabled touches so that we can see where you have tapped and better understand the issue?

When you select a solid color in your personal color palette, the object’s color will switch from gradient to this solid color. And this is expected behavior.
Check out this page for more information about Colors in Vectornator: Colors | Vectornator Learn.

when I add a colour to gradient, it turn back to solid… and I should reselect the gradient and this is no comfortable…

Hi @n4bi,

many thanks for sharing the video with us and explaining the issue. We have this behavior on our radar and will include your feedback in further discussion with our Product Team. I’ll keep you in the loop about upcoming changes and improvements.

Thanks and all the best,