Gradient handles

There’s a pesky bug that has to do with gradient handles.

When you tap on a gradient handle, the color parameters don’t change and update to the color value that was adjusted and assigned to that handle. They instead stick with the last adjusted color input. You need to drag and nudge the handle in order for its color to update, but that gets you to disrupt the handle’s pre-adjusted position just so to be able to its color updated… Quite a bummer :pensive:

The handles won’t accept color from presets as well. If you tap on a gradient handle and then go down and click on a preset color swatch, the fill mode switches to straight fill from gradient, you need to go back and select gradient as fill method again…

Due to this bug, I currently unable to tweak my gradients. This thus makes the gradient tool almost inert.


Hi there @Noc2,

Thank you for raising this, we’ll be sure to investigate this as soon as possible.

I’ll update you in this thread as soon as I have any new information!


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