Feature request: magnetism for guide placement and shaped guides

Hello there.

I actually create a lot of content using geometric and simple shapes to create complex ones, but I always have to zoom in to the extreme maximum on the ruler to create a guide (without being sure it’s well placed because i have to zoom on the ruler so i can’t see my work) and if it’s a little offset then i have to zoom in again sometimes five times…

So I wanted to ask for a feature that allows to place guides magnetically with the grid / bords of the shapes.

And I also take the opportunity of asking this to add that it would be great to have the possibility to create construct lines so we could create shaped guides, like circles or triangles.

Thank you.

Hi there @HaDoCk,

Thank you for your feedback!

I would propose you explore Object Guides as their coordinates can be precisely determined. From here, you can enable Snap to Guides meaning that your shape will snap directly to the Guide itself.

Additionally to lines, it is possible to create square, circular, polygon or spiral Guides.

Here’s a quick demo showcasing how to achieve the above suggestions:

Hope this helps,

I believe what’s being asked for here is the ability to snap ruler guides. Currently there is no way to snap these to anything as described here. Would love to have this basic feature.

I was shocked to see guides cannot be precisely positioned

Then get rid of them and work only with geometry guides - coming from freehand those are fine