Exporting selected Item

I started using Vectornator for creating sprites on my game for both UI and game assets and I am pretty happy with what I can do with it. However, I could not find the feature of exporting the selected Item. I want to export selected item without resizing the artboard. For the purpose I am currently creating a new artboard for exports and I move my item to that specific artboard and resize it to the size of my current item manually by looking the width and height. I checked a lot and did not see the feature to fit the artboard to the selected item. I want to learn if there is a feature or shortcut that I can achieve this result. Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi there @barkine and welcome to the Community Forum!

Although it is not currently possible to export a single selection, it is indeed possible to export an individual layer. Simply move your selection to its own dedicated layer and export that layer via right-click on Mac or long-press on iOS.

Your request to be able to export a selection, however, will of course be taken on board.


Hello and thank you for your fast response! Actually my and my colleagues main need here is to resize the artboard automatically to my items or the items in the layer. Although I know that I can export a layer, it does not resize itself to the items in that layer and it will have a redundant alpha space in my export. It just exports to the size of the artboard and I still need to resize my artboard to the current selection so that it wont have that redundant alpha space around my export. I had screenshots for an example. I created a layer and moved my current item to it. The first screenshot is the what export is and the second one is what I need. Still thanks for your effort and answer. I am a developer myself and you all created a great software and great support. Wish you a great luck.