Export and AirDrop OSX

Screenshot 2022-12-28 at 12.34.12 PM

Hi there @winfordm,

  • File opening issue: would you mind confirming your device model, OS and Vectornator version? These may be important factors in getting to the bottom of this matter.
  • Export issue: the visibility of the option to export an individual Group or Element is unfortunately a bug. It is only currently possible to export individual Layers or entire documents. This means that, if you would like to export the selected item, you can simply move it to its own dedicated layer and proceed with exporting that individual layer.


Concerning the exporting, it does the same thing when everything is on their own individual layers as well. It’s been that way the whole year 2022.

When I AirDrop, I’m using two devices. One is a 2022 Mac Sudio running Ventura 13.0.1 and the other is a 2020 MacBook Pro running Monterey 12.5. Both devices have the same problem.

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