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I have a question regarding copyright law. I’m wondering if I take a picture from the library (Unsplash button), modify it with my own design, and use it for a commercial website, will it violate any copyright law? Or all of those templates are free royalty images to use?

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Hey there @Olesya :wave:

Thanks for the question!

Our app is entirely free for both personal and professional purposes. This means that yes, you can use original creations for your business-related content. With regards to the use of Unsplash images, they can indeed be used for commercial purposes however, they cannot be sold without significant modifications. You can learn more about this via the Unsplash website here.

It is important to be mindful of icons as all SF symbols belong to Apple therefore they cannot be used commercially. You can check their page for different use cases here.

An alternative to this is our Iconator library which is 100% free and not subject to licence, therefore can be used commercially. Learn more about Iconator here.

Although pre-installed fonts should be free for professional use, we’d recommend confirming this by checking your desired font’s embedding restrictions via Font Book → select desired font → select ‘Info’. Here you can see whether the font in question’s use is limited - just to be on the safe side!

But if you have installed any custom font, we recommend you to check if you have a license to use this font for commercial purposes.

You can also find our full Privacy Policy here.

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