Be able to add custom grain texture brush

If we can add custom grain texture brush or you can create some preset ones, like what Adobe AI can do, it can make illustrations have more hand-drawing/vintage/people feeling. This is what I am very interested in AI, but it is quite slow doing so in AI and switching between PS and AI to do it is also annoying. Hope you will consider this and that will definitely give vectornator more advantages over AI for sure. Thanks.

Hi there @woohoozoe and welcome to the Community Forum!

Thank you for your suggestion. While we wait for community feedback, here’s a quick demonstration of how you can add texture in alternative ways by using the Unsplash import feature:


Thanks for the fast response. That is a cool feature. However, what I mean is to “draw” grain texture to represent shadows. And the texture is also vector so I am able to enlarge the illustration with the texture to any size I want. The texture is added by drawing so it is not a random texture I can just find on unsplash. Currently in Adobe AI, it is able to do so by importing some custom AI grain/stipple brush but it will slow down my computer so much. Since I can easily use your app on iPad with Apple pencil, I just think if I could do this hand-painted vector textures, that would be really cool. Hope this is clear.

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