About line spacing of text

I am using the iPad version and would like to request some improvements regarding text and fonts.
I can set the line spacing to minus in other software, but not in this app.
Could you please make it possible to set the line spacing to negative?
It is inconvenient when using fonts whose original settings are wide, as they cannot be easily packed.
Especially with fonts I put in myself, the default line spacing for text is set to wide, and I feel like I need a negative value. Please improve it.

Hi @O2G1109 welcome to Linearity Community and thank you so much for your feedback. This is now with the team and I’m hoping we can be able to work on this on a larger scale in the near future.

In the interim, I’ve asked our team to see if we can help you with a workaround and will come back to you once I know more. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Hi @O2G1109,

Great news! We’ve listened to your feedback and made some improvements in our latest version regarding text and fonts, specifically around line height control:

  • Fonts now display default line height in points (pt).
  • You can now set line heights below the default value, allowing for a “negative line height.” Setting the line height to zero (0) will result in a true zero line height.
  • You can fine-tune line heights with values in points or percentages, giving you more control for precise text layout and design.

We hope these updates will make your experience with custom fonts much more convenient, especially when you need to pack text more tightly. Please update your application to the latest version and let us know how it works for you!

Thanks for your suggestions, and please keep them coming!