Zoom functionality is really bad

I need a functionality like in Illustrator or Sketch apps to Zoom In / Out canvas.
So, just hold Command key and you can smoothly and quickly do this.
This should be common for macOS art apps…

I’m not using trackpad, but I’m using Magic Mouse 2, so I can pan using gestures, and for Zoom I’d need just to hold a Command key, for example how it works in Sketch:

Also, this should be interfere with system Zoom if user activated it in System Settings.
So likely this should be a Command l key used for Zoom. Anyway it’s better to let me choose this in settings for shortcuts. As for now a quick fix for this should be: use the same key as Illustrator or Sketch uses for quick Zoom for the canvas.

system zoom

Hmm, just found randomly that I can press Control+Command to get such functionality I need.
But it has 2 major problems:

  • I can’t press only 1 key, like Control or Command. Also, I’d like to configure which key, in some Settings.
  • It’s really sensitive for my Magic Mouse 2, I just slightly move finger in mouse - and canvas is just zooms too fast, I need some settings for this, to configure up to my preferences.