Why quick acces to snap tool doesnt show if you turned on some snap or turned off? When layer is locked you still can change shape of an object? But you can't select object with click-through in locked layer?

Sorry for my poor footages, if you found them not clear enough
As title says, snap tool doesn’t work as it supposed when it’s placed in quick tool bar. If one of the snaps are on or off, it is not reflecting in snap tool from quick tool bar.
Other issue with locked layers and object. I can’t select object in click-through mode, if an object’s layer is locked or if object is locked. But at the same time i can select that object in layers menu on the right side and I can even change shape or scale of an object, even if layer or object is locked. Doesn’t seem logic to me.
Btw it may be only my preference, but when layer is invisible, the invisible icon barely shows difference for me on my 12.9 ipad screen, even though on a larger screen it should be more clear. I think it needs tobe changed to closed eye instead of an crossed eye

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