Why am I seeing a white hairline?

Please see the file in attach.

I have two rectangles:

left: border 6pt, position: inner
right: border 0 pt

Both rectangles have been placed next to eachother using Smart Guides yet I see a small white vertical hairline in between them (also when I export it to an image)

How to solve?

Test.curve.zip (5.0 KB)

The only fix I have found is to move the right rectangle to the Front and then move it 1pt to the left so it overlaps the left rectangle but it’s a very messy solution.


Hey @LonderJan thank you for reporting it! Please allow us some time as we look into this and we’ll get back to you with a more informative answer swiftly.

Thank you for your patience!

Hey @LonderJan thank you for reporting it. The team is indeed aware of the rendering issue with elements and I can confirm that we have been working on it.

We are expecting this to be resolved with 5.1.0 or 5.2.0 the latest! Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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