When is the best time to subscribe?

Hey Linearity peeps!

So i was just browsing and saw your 50% discount. Thats pretty sweet! But it got me thinking… didnt you guys do like a 33% once in a lifetime discount thing? Or am I remembering that wrong?

Anyways im kinda interested in subscribing but now im not sure when to do it? Is this 50% the best deal or should I wait? Im always terrible at timing these things haha. Last time I bought something the day before a big sale and I wont forget it :sweat_smile:

Oh also random thought but maybe you’ll do some crazy 75% off for Black Friday?? That would be insane!

Lemme know what you think! Thanks guys

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Way to throw your subscribers under the bus…

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Hey @hind3 , awesome to hear from you!

Yep, we’ve got that 50% discount going right now, and it’s pretty sweet! You remember right, we did have a 33% deal before. This 50% off is one of our best deals. While we can’t promise a bigger discount for Black Friday, who knows?

If you’re excited to subscribe now, this deal is a great choice.


Haha, that meme is hilarious! :rofl:

Yep, it’s true – 50% off is here! If you think this deal is sweet, now’s the time to jump in!

To clarify, the lifetime offer was 33% off for life, that was for users who had been with us for a long time.

The 50% offer now is 50% off for the first year. If you’re interested in subscribing then it’s a great time to as this discount is running for the next week or so.

We also have an EDU discount for students and teachers.

Either way, nobody in their right mind would actually pay for this.

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