Wacom intuos tablets

Hello! I recently got my hands on a Wacom Intuos bluetooth model, and I was wondering if the feature where you can use a Wacom pen on an iPad display is still possible. Is it also possible to be able to use the tablet with Vectornator? Wacom doesn’t have any drivers for iOS or iPadOS so an idea is to create your own! Thanks.

Hey @Vecto,

At the moment, we only support Montblanc Augmented Paper and Wacom Slate as 3rd party devices. Hope we can expand the list of supported devices in the nearest future :crossed_fingers:
But my colleague has a Wacom intuos tablet and she says it works fine with Vectornator. So I recommend to try pairing the device to your tablet.


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Okay, Ill give it a try. The only thing is for iPadOS (which is what I use) has no drivers for Wacom tablets. But nonetheless, Ill give it a try!

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