Vectornator needs more export formats.

Vectornator needs more export formats.
For me, Vectornator is also a good UI development and design app.
•As a practical graphic design app, more export formats can make the design easier. Modifying a project in different apps undoubtedly makes Vectornator a very useful business tool. At present, popular formats such as sketch, fig, etc. They are all formats in popular apps. I think these formats can also be applied to Vectornator. Make the user’s design better and more convenient.
• Of course, we don’t necessarily need to adapt too much to the unique export format. Because Sketch or fig formats may contain some animated code or functions and plug-ins. Vectornator can be used in basic design engineering and export files as components to provide elements.
• For similar export formats such as sketch and fig, Vectornator can provide valid layers, elements, and contained vector graphics [svg format files], text (the font only needs to add recognition code), etc. And elements can still be modified in other apps. This undoubtedly adds multiple design apps to the ecology of Vectornator, which improves useability. It can become a popular app for beginners and provide more convenient operation for professional users.
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