Unable to login to Curve on Mac

I’ve made multiple separate accounts for Curve and downloaded the app, yet I can’t login whether it be logging in with Google or simply with email. When I click the login with Google prompt, nothing happens at all. No prompt or anything. Similarly, when I try with email, I get a loading wheel for a second and then nothing. On one of my attempts I got an AWS error report, but I closed it quickly and can’t replicate it. I’m able to login on the mobile app, but I really need to use it on my laptop. I’ve seen previous bug reports but no real fix.

Hope I can get some help : P

Hey @manishi , of course, I’m glad to help!

Can you share the Linearity account emails you tried to register and use with our support team at support@linearity.io? Also, I see one attempt to log in was successful on May 24th, is that correct?

Looking forward to helping you get this sorted out!