Thumbnails missing

Hey everyone!

This is sporadic, but sometimes, the preview thumbnails are missing. Sometimes, they will be shown again when disabling and reenavling child objects. but that doesn’t always work and even if it works, it’s quite tedious.

I am using Vectornator 4.8.1, iOS 15.4.1, iPhone mini 13.

Best wishes,

Hi @shushustorm,

Would you mind clarifying whether thumbnails are entirely missing or just not entirely accurate/updated?

It would also be helpful if you noticed whether this behaviour is triggered by any particular actions, such as only occurring after merging groups etc.

Any further details you can recall will help speed up the investigation from our side.


Hey Helen!
Thanks for the reply!
In the scenario described, the thumbnails are completely missing.
Unfortunately, I haven’t found any situations that may cause this more frequently.

Hi there @shushustorm,

As we have released a new update today, I’d highly recommend trying it out and checking if this issue reproduces for you. In the event that it does, it would be extremely helpful if you could screen record the incident or alternatively, screenshot the elements in the effected thumbnails so we can determine if particular configurations or shapes are causing the issue.